Do I Need a Realtor?

A Realtor's Responsibilities to Buyers

Q - Do I need a realtor when buying a home
A – As a buyer you should understand that a Realtor has a fiduciary responsibility to their client. That duty obligates a real estate broker to act at all times, solely in the best interests of their client.
With the advent of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the rules and regulations for buying and selling a property have changed. In order to protect their future investment, a buyer needs a guide to help the buyer understand all the information coming in and going out. There are multiple documents needed for a transaction to close properly and a competent agent can handle all of that. Disclosures, inspections and proper handling of the earnest money along with help in finding a qualified lender is all part of the job a good Realtor can accomplish with the least amount of disruption to the client. Step-by-step, a realtor can walk the client through all of the requirements and legalities of the transaction to assure a good closing.
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